The 2024 examination application deadline has passed. The application period for the 2025 examination will open on January 1, 2025. Please do not submit applications before then. Candidates who have already applied or have eligibility remaining from a previous application will receive information regarding paying and registering for the 2024 exam later in June/July.


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Thank you for your interest in pursuing certification by the American Board of Toxicology. This application process will allow you to create an account, submit your application and pay the application fee.

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Please download the Candidate Handbook and review all requirements prior to beginning the application process.  Candidates are strongly encouraged to complete the application process all at one time, having all necessary information ready when beginning the online process.  Note that due to the large volume of documents received, the ABT office cannot confirm receipt until an applicant has submitted the application and fee, at which point the status can be seen in the online account.


As a result of Quebec Bill 96, our testing partner, Pearson Vue, will not administer the ABT examination to any resident of Quebec, Canada, regardless of the test center location. Therefore, effective immediately, the American Board of Toxicology is unable to accept applications from any resident of Quebec, Canada.