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The American Board of Toxicology (ABT) was founded in 1979 to establish a process for certification which would evaluate and document competency in the field of toxicology. The success of the ABT has been overwhelming. The number of Diplomates has grown annually and is currently numbered at over 2500. ABT Diplomates are employed by government, industry, academia, consulting firms, and other agencies.

ABT Diplomates participate in all aspects of the profession of toxicology including: the design and interpretation of safety studies for product development; review and interpretation of such studies for regulatory compliance; basic and applied research into toxic effects, mechanisms of toxic action, toxicokinetics and toxicodynamics; and education of undergraduates, professional and graduate students and the public in the science of toxicology through courses, legal cases and media interactions.

While the majority of Diplomates reside in the U.S., almost 15 percent of ABT Diplomates are found in other countries worldwide. These countries include Canada, Europe, Australia, Japan, Korea, India, Singapore, and Taiwan. The acceptance of ABT certification as a qualification for membership by the national registries of several European countries, and thus by Eurotox, demonstrates ABT’s leadership role in the certification of toxicologists.

ABT considers periodic recertification of Diplomates as essential to maintaining high standards of professional competence. Recertification is conducted at five-year intervals and requires demonstration of continuing education and the active practice of toxicology, as well as either maintaining expert knowledge in toxicology.

All information regarding eligibility, application requirements and the exam can be found in the Candidate Handbook.

Apply for ABT certification or access a previous application